The Difference Between Baked And Unbaked Oreo Cheesecake

While the baked variant of Oreo cheesecake may contain sugar, eggs, and cheese over a crust of cookie or sponge cake, the unbaked version contains a sort of gelatin instead. The unbaked version is refrigerated and is also called chilled cheesecakes.

Baking of cheesecake can be done indirectly by keeping the cake tin or large pan of water which distributes the heat evenly or directly placed inside a baking oven. It has sooth, soft and velvety appearance with a dense texture and is most popular.

On the other hand, the unbaked version has a custard like texture which is also very light and airy as it does not contain flour or eggs. It can be set in odd shaped molds as it does not stick to it, unlike the baked cheesecakes.

A Favorite Dessert

Oreo cheesecake is one of the most favorite desserts among many people in Malaysia. It is available in every part of the world in some form and fashion which is typical for that area.

The ingredients that are used to make cheesecakes are varied, and therefore there are different flavors of it available. Some may use sour cream as a special ingredient, and some may use heavy cream.

Some cakes in some regions can be heavier than the cakes of other regions and can also be thinner in size due to the difference of binding agent that is used to make the cake.

Different Attractive Flavors

Apart from the variations in ingredients and styling of the cakes, flavors may also vary which varies according to the recipe, the topping or even the crust of the cake.

Some use crunchy crust while other may use soft and spongy cake base. Few bakers also use fruits and fruit flavors to bring variety apart from the common chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

There are some limitations in flavors, but in most cases, all the flavors work exceptionally well in both baked and non-baked variants.