5 Best Antiperspirant For Palmar Hyperhidrosis Or Sweaty Hands

There are many sweat glands in our body like armpits, neck, back, forehead, palms, soles and many other areas. For some people the sweating occurs more only on the palms or soles when compared to other bodily areas.

Palmar hyperhidrosis is a condition in which there is excessive sweating in the palmar area of the hands. Generally sweating is a normal physiologic phenomenon which occurs to maintain the body temperature.

Palmar HyperhidrosisPalmar hyperhidrosis or sweaty hands is an abnormal condition to be taken care of as for some people it is very hyperactive.

This is the autonomic nervous system’s response to the body conditions like temperature, stress, exercise etc.

This is a very rare phenomenon which occurs in almost 1 to 2 % of the total population. There is no age differentiation in this; both men and women are equally affected. However it may be seen very common in young school children and adolescents.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Causes

Sweaty hands/palm or feet can be common in most of us. In fact we all sweat through our palms and feet but as the amount of sweating can vary from person to person it is not visible in most of us.

Stressful conditions, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, nervousness, high temperature, increased physical exertion, etc. are some common causes that triggers increased sweat (Palmar hyperhidrosis) through our hands and feet.

People attending important interview or a social event often show the signs of Palmar hyperhidrosis due to increased nervousness. Menopause sweating and underarm sweating is also common for women and should be cautiously handled.

In case when these strong emotions hits, our body temperature increases and our sweat glands releases extra heat from our body parts through increased sweat.

Palmar hyperhidrosis is sometimes also found associated with certain pathological conditions of the body. Researchers have found that this may be due to genetic transmission also.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

Palmar hyperhidrosis do not have any other associated symptom with it but the condition itself is socially disturbing and troubling one. It is difficult in continuous writing, hand shaking etc. Sometimes this can also affect the person’s self-confidence.

This mostly diminishes by its own without the requirement of any treatments for it. Rarely the condition persists and requires some medical intervention.

To be on the safer side it is better to take some laboratory examinations if this condition is found to be persisting for more period of time.

The laboratory tests include thyroid function tests, Blood glucose levels, uric acid levels, Mantoux test and chest radiography which help to find out whether the patient suffers from thyrotoxicosis, diabetes, gouty arthritis, tuberculosis or neoplasms.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Treatment

There are many treatment options available for this condition. Initially the person can just try with increasing the intake of water which may itself reduce the problem.

Using alcohol based hand wipes for calming sweaty hands can also be a good fix for your problem, especially when you need to get rid of your embarrassing problem urgently. You can keep these wipes handy in your purse to dry out your sweaty hand whenever and wherever you want.

Baby powder, cornstarch or baking soda can also be used to dry out the sweat on your hands and feet fast. Simply dust the powder on your sweaty body part and let it absorb the sweat to make you feel relieved.

If the above options does not work out then alternatives such as antiperspirant for palmar hyperhidrosis can be tried out. Simple antiperspirants can provide good remedy for this problem most of the times.

However in severe chronic cases many topical applications, injections, tablets are also available which can be made use of. If the problem persist for long surgical procedures are also available for treating this condition.

5 Best Antiperspirant For Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Antiperspirant for sweaty hands is one of the best natural cures for your embarrassing problems. As these are designed specifically for severe hand sweating it can help you get rid of your problem fast and easy.

But when it comes to buying one, there are variety of options to choose from. Below we discuss some of the best ones that are available on the market. You can check their detailed reviews before getting them online.

1- Carpe Antiperspirant

Carpe Antiperspirant is one of the best dermatologist-recommended treatment for sweaty hands or palmar hyperhidrosis. This antiperspirant hand lotion is clinically proven and designed for people to restore their confidence back and enjoy their life to fullest with dry hands.

Carpe antiperspirant hand lotion is easy to use and works effectively to get rid of clammy hands instantly without any side effects. With just a pea sized amount of this lotion applied daily you can feel well relieved from your condition within a week.

This FDA-compliant formula is 100% smooth and non-greasy. Furthermore it’s non-irritating as it contains all the best natural eucalyptus oil and moisturizing ingredients to gently treat your skin.

Overall with its quick-drying properties it has become a leading award winning over-the-counter sweat treatment method that has already benefited hundreds of patients. Why not try this out and feel the difference!

2- Sweatblock Antiperspirant

Using Sweatblock Antiperspirant Towelettes is another great method to stay dry. With its extra strength antiperspirant for anti-sweat protection you can actually say goodbye to your sweaty hands and feet problem for up to 7 days.

These can also be used for controlling excessive underarm sweating so that you can confidently raise your arms while getting social. Using these antiperspirant wipes you can wear any color dress or style without pitting out.

Sweatblock Antiperspirant Wipes are clinically tested, FDA verified and are recommended by most of the doctors to use for treating hyperhidrosis in men and women.

These Sweatblock wipes are completely safe and comes with 30-day money back manufacturer guarantee so why not try them out for regaining your confidence back.

3- Certain Dri Antiperspirant

Certain Dri is another leading brand which is recommended by doctors for treating patients suffering from excessive sweating problem.

You can use these Certain Dri antiperspirant products for controlling the sweat on feet, hands, palms, face, underarm, etc.

Certain Dri offers varied antiperspirant products for different needs of the customers. These are:

  • Certain Dri Solid
  • Certain Dri Roll On
  • Certain Dri Deodorant

These Certain Dri products are available in everyday strength, prescription strength and clinical strengths. You can check the detailed reviews and properties before buying them out online.

4- ZeroSweat Antiperspirant

ZeroSweat antiperspirant is another great option for you to get rid of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating problem safely.

This ZeroSweat extra strong antiperspirant provides you the best protection for extended period of time – one use can last for up to 7 days and works best to reduce your excessive sweating.

This FDA compliant formula is made in USA. It is easy to apply and and is effective to stop all the embarrassing sweat marks or pit stains. With this strong antiperspirant lotion you can enjoy wearing any color or style of clothing with all the confidence.

Although the formula is safe enough to use, certain Zero Sweat side effects are often seen if not used properly. According to Zero Sweat reviews it should applied sparingly as it can cause irritation for new users or when applied more.

Care that you do not use ZeroSweat immediately after shaving or showering or if you are allergic to aluminum. In case you experience any type of irritation wash it off and wait for few days before applying again.

5- Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant

Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant and deodorant is a doctor preferred solution for curing your extreme prolonged sweating problem.

Maxim Antiperspirant is an ultimate solution for those who soils clothing due to uncontrollable underarm perspiration. You can use it at night (few times in a week) to stay dry and refreshed all week long. Or you can use it after showering in the morning to stay dry all day.

This smooth ball roll-on is best for uncontrollable excessive sweating under the arms. This alcohol free formula is best suited for men, women, teenagers with hormone changes and college students.

Best Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms and Feet

Natural home remedies are most of the times preferred by people to cure the health conditions in its initial stages. If you think that you are not suffering from the severe problem you can try these tips at your home to get relieved:

  • Apply organic rose water to your sweaty hands and feet
  • Soak your hands in sage tea or diluted apple cider vinegar
  • Rub coconut oil between your palms after your daily shower

Besides the above home remedies, you need to do regular exercises to release extra heat from your body through sweat from other body parts. This will keep your body parts such as feet and palms cool.

Additionally you need to check for your daily diet and make the improvements if needed. Try adding whole grains and diet rich in Vitamins B and D.

Fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content can also help to cure your palmar hyperhidrosis condition naturally.