What Are The Best Natural Products To Enhance Eyelash Growth?

An eyelash is one of the hairs that are present at the brink of the eyelid. Eyelashes act as a protection to the eyes. It provides warning to the harmful   products such as dust, insects, mite etc. an eyelash can be closed to protect ones eye.

eyelashLong curly eyelashes are taken as a mark of femininity in several cultures. Therefore, some women search for natural eyelash growth products. 

While some other women are fond of enhancing their eyelashes artificially by using some sorts of eyelash extensions.

No doubt, natural eyelash growth products are mostly recommended if you want to get permanent long lasting results.

Below are some of the best ones you can try.

Kohl, a black coloured powder is considered a magic for the growth of eyelashes naturally.  In ancient times this black coloured powder was only used by the royal class in order to protect their eyes from harmful insects, dust and water.

Now, modern eye make-up itself includes this product. It acts as a dual benefit for the eyes. Firstly it gives the iconic look to ones eye and secondly it protects and acts as a natural healing product. Eyelash extensions and permanent eyelash colours have also gained a lot of fame as the natural eyelash growth products.

Latisse was another eyelash growth product introduced in 2009. It is a natural product approved by FDA as well. Latisse is the active component of glaucoma.

It is said to enhance eyelash growth naturally within 16 weeks of its use. In addition to these products, the past decade has also witnessed the intense increase in the formulation of eyelash conditioners. These conditioners were a blessing to the volume and length of the eyelashes.

Aloe Vera is best suited for the purpose and is my top favorite. Applying fresh Aloe Vera and waiting for some time after one looses eyelashes helps to restore the look of healthy eyelashes. It takes 7-8 weeks for the new eyelashes to grow back. It acts as a real magic if one really desires for a natural eyelash growth product.

Aloe Vera products can not only stimulate eyelash growth, but it also acts as a natural healer for the eyelashes. Millions of people have given positive reviews after using Aloe Vera gel as a product to stimulate the eyelash growth. Natural healing results are really amazing and trustworthy.

Few additional tips

The easiest way to stimulate eyelash growth naturally is to handle eyelashes with care. Eyelash extensions, curling of eyelashes, putting make-up products over it tends it to break out or fall out.

Stop torturing the eyelashes by curling them and putting false eyelashes over them on daily basis. One can gently rub petroleum jelly over the eyelashes in order to provide them relaxation. It moisturizes and gives it a healthier array.

One must definitely go for reviews of people before opting for any product. Anything for which one is allergic should be instantly avoided. After all our eyes is the most fragile part of our body. One must take care and keep it stylish.