What Are The Benefits of Taking Vitamin B12?

The Vitamin B12 is also known as Cobalamin and is a water soluble, complex vitamin, which is found, in the common foods that we eat, like the meat products, dairy products, fish, etc. and also can be had as a supplement of your diet.

The Vitamin b12 shots are prescribed for patients who are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and also in cases of pernicious anemia.

Although this vitamin is good for your overall health, but at times it can interfere with some drugs that you might be taking, so it is advisable to inform your doctor about any injection that you might have taken of this vitamin.

Vitamin B12Generally doctors prescribe to fulfill the daily requirement of Vitamin B12 from the food that we generally have.

But if the doctor sees that you still have the deficiency of this vitamin, then this is because of the fact that some people are not able to absorb this vitamin due to the presence of some “intrinsic factors” in the stomach.

Then such people are required to take Vitamin b12 shots to maintain the required balance of this vitamin in the body.

Many people believe that taking the Vitamin b12 shots are helpful for weight loss.

But the fact is that this vitamin by itself does not reduce your weight, but it increases the metabolism of your body and also increases the energy of the body. This enables the body to burn the food that you have consumed at a faster rate, and helps in reducing weight.

This is used in a regular basis by the slimming centers as a part of their weight loss program. But these shots are only effective if you have a deficiency of Vitamin B 12. But it is advisable to lose your weight by following a healthy lifestyle, and exercise regularly, for a prolonged effect.

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