What are the Different Types of Tofu?

Are you addicted to Tofu? Or want noodles in soy soup? Or love having soy milk every day?

If so, then you already know that making mouthwatering tofu and soy milk could be a tiresome job for you.

Tofu types

First of all, you need to make all the required ingredients ready at the table and prepare soy milk or soup or delicious tofu for the whole family.

Then you need to spend 1.-2 hours on the preparation and later you find the serving boring because you are already tired of making the beverage.

This is where tofu soy milk and soup maker can come to your rescue!

Yes, with a simple button press you can make tasty tofu and soy milk within minutes and can serve with pride to your family and guests!

With these soy and tofu makers, you can make different types of tofu at home. But what are these different kinds, let’s check…

Some kinds of tofu have high-water content while others have relatively less water content. Below are the following types of tofu on the basis of its water content:

1- Silken Tofu:

Silken Tofu is a kind of tofu that contains the highest water content as compared to the other types of tofu.

It is usually used as it is, water is not pressed out of this kind of tofu because it is very silky and creamy, it falls into pieces as you hold it.

It is used while maintaining its silky texture. Cheesecakes, soups, smoothies can be made with this kind of tofu.

Since it has the most water, it is not pressed out.

2- Regular Tofu:

Regular tofu is mostly utilized in Asian dishes that maybe soups, noodles, or any other recipe.

This kind of tofu has relatively less water content as compared to the silken tofu but it is still very soft to be pressed.

It is best utilized in soups, stews, and scrambled eggs but it is not firm enough to stir fry.

It will crumble while stir-frying so you need to avoid that. This kind is not really used for pressing either.

3- Firm Tofu:

Firm tofu is the most consumed tofu, it is available in almost all grocery stores. It has a lesser water content as compared to silken or regular tofu.

It is firm yet it is packed with water. This store-bought tofu still has to be completely dry in order to achieve the desired results.

This kind of tofu is the most popular because it is versatile and can be used in various ways and in different dishes.

You can stir fry it, you can deep fry it, you can use it in soups and stews and you can even use it in dips or spreads.

This kind of tofu requires a tofu press to get the restaurant-quality taste.

4- Extra-Firm Tofu:

There is not much difference between firm tofu and extra-firm tofu, extra-firm tofu has lesser water content but the problem that you might have with it is that it doesn’t really absorb the marinades that well.

It will be perfect for stir-frying, pan-frying, or deep frying as it is extra-firm but if you are a fan of good marinades then this kind of tofu might not be for you.

5- Super-Firm Tofu:

Super-firm tofu has the least amount of water, it is very dense and thick. It is mistaken for meat because of its density and texture.

Unfortunately, this kind of tofu is not widely available but it is really easy to make.

All you need is a tofu press and firm tofu, you can make super-firm tofu easily with these things.

It can be stir-fried, pan-fried, and deep-fried to make delicious dishes.