Tips to Handle Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is equally important like emergencies that can happen to any other parts of our body. Issues like injury or damage to your gums or teeth can turn to be very serious and hence should never be ignored.

Most of us think that a dental issue or infection can wait and is in need of immediate attention or care.

But ignoring a dental emergency can end up in permanently damaging the teeth or gum which will need extensive treatments and more cost.

It is advised to contact a dentist immediately you face a problem with your teeth especially if it’s related to the gums.

But there are certain things that you can do in case of emergencies before reaching the dentist.

In case of cracked or lost filling, immediately chew gum and stick it on the crack or cavity which will help you before meeting the dentist.

For chipped or broken teeth save the broken pieces if you have any and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water to clear all the debris.

If you have bleeding apply a small piece of gauze or for swelling apply some ice and press it from outside.

For fallen crowns dental emergency you should make sure that you carry it to your dentist and if you can stand the pain till then it is recommended to apply some clove oil that can give some relief.

Another dental emergency is the broken braces or wires, as this can cause serious injury to your tongue, cheek and most importantly your gum.

According to, it is good to push your wire to a position that you are comfortable with or else applies a piece of gauze or a cotton ball over your wire in case you are not able to reposition the same.

Toothaches can happen for different reasons and in such instances use any pain-relieving medicines as it is difficult to undergo tooth ache.

For swollen gum apply a cold press and rinsing your mouth also will help in reducing the pain and also to make your mouth clean before visiting the dentist.