Tips for Choosing the Right Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

When it comes to cancer treatments, hair loss is considered to be the most devastating side effects that occur due to chemotherapy drugs.
wigs for Chemotherapy Patients
However, one can perfectly cover the hair loss using the right size wigs that are available in different lengths and colors to choose from.

Most people, especially women fear to choose a wig as they believe that wigs are itchy, hot, and give an unnatural appearance.

But, all that are a matter of yesteryears. Now, lots of developments have occurred in wig-making technology, and are bringing more comfortable, lighter wigs that look fully natural in all ends.

Chemotherapy patients can choose a wig without any fear about their appearance, which suits their own hair color and style. Here are some important things to consider:

Virgin hair or synthetic wigs

Chemotherapy patients should learn about the available types of Wigs that are made of synthetic fibers or virgin hairs. Of the two, human hair types have versatile features such as it can be colored, curled, permed.

Moreover, such full lace wigs offer a more natural, soft, and virgin texture. Choosing Indian type hair will be beneficial as it is softer and wavy.

Other hair types are also available with their own features and qualities to choose from. Wigs are often sold by the inch, so lengthy hair will cost a bit more.

Synthetic hair is also recommended for chemotherapy patients. It needs less maintenance and costs less as well. ‘Backed in’ feature is added to these hair wigs so that it could stay in place even while washing.

Cap structure

Cap also has the same importance as that of the type of hair. Choose open-wefted caps that facilitate good airflow to the scalp.

A smoother and more comfortable cap removes the irritation and scratchiness. Hand-tied wigs are available that are lighter weight and look more natural.

Right size

It is important to measure the patient’s head professionally. People can custom order wigs to their exact measurement however, this is not a good option for chemotherapy patients because custom made wigs are costly and take around 8 weeks to produce.

They can get pre-made wigs in average size that will fit patients measuring between ‘petite average’ to ‘average large’. After choosing the right size wig, you can style it as per your requirements.