The Propane Grill Project

This one comes as a great safety piece along with many other benefits. It is a well-known fact that the grill manufacturer stress a lot that any propane tank that is being used should be closed when not in use.

The Propane safety Organization has the same advice at the top of the agenda with many more. The new revolution is the Kickstarter Gas grill which has introduced something new. The project aims to help bring about a revolution when it comes to choosing Propane grills.

propane grilling

What is new?

The common problem that one faces is not of carelessness, but forgetfulness. The regular gas grill has their Valve generally hidden at the back or behind the frames which makes one skip turning them off. This Gas grill has innovated the look and added the Knob where it is right in front of the eyes. It is unlikely that the users will now forgot to turn it off after use as it is right where it should be and will soon become a habit.

If you are interested in funding the project, you can contribute as less as $30. Backers receives the Know product first, as early as June this year. Plus, they would be able to bag the device at a discount over 38% the market price.

What you would love?

It is interesting to see that such a needed and effective fix in the placement of the knob was not done earlier. With this creative idea the safety of the use of propane has increased many folds. This makes it cost effective as well. With the efficient use of propane and no chance of leakages, it keeps the limit of propane consumption in place.

It is safe to say that now one should not worry about the accidents and make it a habit to keep safe.

You can support this project and join them at: httpss://