The Best Ways To Gain Weight

While losing weight is a popular trend nowadays, many people find it challenging to gain every pound of weight.

If you are underweight or in skinny condition, you will absolutely put this matter in your first consideration. Luckily, there are a great number of effective methods to help you gain weight in a healthy way.


  1. Do Lifting Exercises

Building muscles are much easier than ever before thanks to the support of dozens of fitness equipment. One efficient way to get more calories is lifting. When doing lifting exercises, remember to wear knee sleeves to protect your knees from injuries.

Furthermore, if you want to do challenging activities, hypertrophy protocols are great suggestions. They help strengthen significantly the development of your muscles. When using hypertrophy protocols, you will need to spend about 70-80 percent of your strength.

Make a short break of 1 or 2 minutes during your workouts. With the big lifts, you can do a variety of exercises like rowing, squatting, benching, pressing. The level of exercise depends on your physical conditions. Besides these foods above, you should start doing single-joint exercises for better effectiveness.

  1. Get High Intake Of Calories

As you know, carbohydrates play an important role in providing a huge source of energy for you to get involved in different daily activities.

There are a great number of healthy foods for you to enjoy, including oily and fatty dishes, avocado, meat, eggs, dairy, etc…These types of foods supply enough nutrients and calories to your whole body without the requirement of eating too much.

When it comes to choosing foods, remember to select the best types with a lower amount of fiber. They could be listed here, including fruit, bread, rice, and noodles. If you are lacking minerals and vitamins, you can look for this abundant source from veggies and fruits.

Fruits and veggies help reduce the feeling of fullness and encourage you to eat more. Set up a multivitamin strategy when you are lacking substances.

  1. Add Fatty Foods In Your Meals

Fat has the special ability to provide a higher amount of calories than carbohydrates and protein. Therefore, it helps you gain weight in an effective way. The reason for receiving enough fat is that it recovers the number of calories you may lose when doing exercises.

A simple method to supply fatty nutrients to your diet is cooking your foods in rich oil foods such as in coconut or olive. You can find some additional sources of fatty foods in chicken thighs, ground beef, and more.

Cooking these foods with oil is a good way to add calories and protein to your body. Don’t have to worry about the overuse of cholesterol and fatty foods in your daily meals.

  1. Try To Get Extra Calories

Keep in mind that the better flavor not only stimulates your taste but also provides more calories to nourish your body. It is advisable for you to add suitably healthy seasonings in your diets such as sauces, dressings, etc…By this way, you have a chance to get enough calories from an extra source.

Regular eating is a great solution for gaining weight. You had better remain eating every 2-3 hours by preparing necessary types of foods like sandwiches, bagels, protein shakes, as well as trail mix.

Make these dishes delicious by shaking them with milk. Avoid making you feel hungry within 4 hours. Eating continuously provides enough energy for you to start your new days.

Moreover, a typical example of dense food for people who want to gain weight is dried fruit. Although dried fruit comes without water, it serves your demand for protein and calories.

Doctors recommend that you should have a good snack before going to bed. It is evidence that night is an important time for building up our muscles and tissues. Have you ever eaten a bowl of pasta salad before bed?

It makes you feel full thanks to a variety of ingredients such as grain pasta, vinaigrette, chicken breast, etc…In addition, you can combine different types of foods at once for getting a wide range of nutrients. For example, let’s have several nuts, grain toast, a glass of milk for your morning.

On the other hand, there are some other important factors affecting your weight and health. They are sleepiness, patience, and outdoor eating.

Sleepiness is the first necessary element we should mention here. One fact is that resting puts a strong impact on the development of your body.

Therefore, make sure that you have enough time for resting and strengthening your muscles. Besides, going out for tasting various dishes is a good way to add extra calories to your body. You actually have to spend money on restaurants, however, the calories you get is bigger than what you had expected before.