Rocking Chairs: Best Medicine For Elderly At Home

The chairs took one of a main part in the human life among various furniture types. Chairs help us to keep our posture erect, stable and also help us in case tiredness to relax.

There are many types of chairs depending upon the size, shape, material used to prepare it, age group of people going to use it, etc.

Till date the chairs are made of different types of wood, plastic, metal, etc. The chairs help all age groups of people. One among the various forms and types of chair is the “Rocking chairs”.

The rocking chair for elderly at home is a normal chair made of wood with two rockers on the bottom, each one between the right and left legs of the chair (one between two right legs & another between two left legs).

The word rocking chair was first used in the year 1766. It was said that the inventor or the father of rocking chair is Benjamin Franklin, but there is no historical evidence for this.

The rocking chair is also called with several other names like easy chair, rocker, platform rocker, Boston rocker, swinging chair, etc. the name rock why originates is due to the rocking sound from the chair when it moves forward and backward even nobody sitting on the chair also.

At present there are numerous types of rocking chairs available in the markets.

Some of them are as follows:-

  • Baby rocking chair
  • Wooden rocking chair,
  • Foldable rocking chair,
  • Carved decorative rocking chair,
  • Iron rocking chair, etc.

The rocking chair will be more comfortable for all age groups mainly for the old age elderly people it is the main place to sit for watching the television, reading newspaper, playing with children, conversing with others easily, etc.

A two year research study took at Rochester gave a remarkable and unbelievable result that the rocking chairs helps in treating Dementia and anxiety disorders mainly with the old age groups who just sit in the rocking chairs for just 6 weeks.

The sound produced by the rocking chair relieves the geriatric stress and thereby reduces the dementia or memory loss and anxiety with the old age individuals readily.

The rocking chair movement also gives much energy to both mind and body thereby relaxes us totally and gives a total replenishment.

Hence buying a rocking chair for elderly is equal to just buying a boon for the stress full and fast life.