Top 5 Tips to Remove Head Lice Fast

Have you ever heard the term ‘nit-wit’?

Well, you might be amused to learn that there actually is something called a nit’. Nit is a word used most often by British English speakers to describe the egg of a head louse (AKA: Lice).

Remove Head Lice

You’ve heard of lice, right?

Lice aren’t a huge problem in most developed countries where personal hygiene is of a higher standard. But lice and lice infestation is a serious problem in most developing countries and also among the really poor of some developed countries.

Head lice are related to body lice and pubic lice but whereas the latter two are known to carry some types of disease, head lice are not. Head lice are nothing more than a cosmetic nuisance.

But they still are a problem if you get them.

Head lice problems are generally handled with medication. Depending on where you live, that medication might be over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription.

The best way to prevent head lice is, of course, to keep your hair clean.

But if you do get them and if you find yourself going through the self-treatment process, here are some tips to observe.

Tip 1:

As already mentioned, prevention easier and cheaper than cure. So, keep your hair clean. Even just washing your hair regularly with really hot water will kill head lice and/or their eggs (known as nits).

Tip 2:

Guys are less likely than women to have problems with head lice for the simple reason that their hair is usually shorter.

Since head lice can only survive near the warmth of the scalp, guys with less hair, and thus a cooler temperature up there, tend not to get them as easily.

For both guys and gals, however, if you have much hair at all, it’s a good idea to comb in regularly. This will tend to pull out lice and nits (especially if you use a nit’s comb. which has closer-together teeth).

Tip 3:

If you’re using an OTC medication, do not wash your hair with regular shampoo after you use the medication.

That will wash out the medication you just put on your hair. Wait at least two days before washing your hair.

Tip 4:

Lice medication usually works within 8 to 12 hours. Usually, you’ll notice dead lice or lice eggs (nits) falling out or when you comb them out.

Sometimes you’ll also notice a few up on your scalp moving slowly. That’s normal. Sometimes a few of the little critters are tougher than the others and take more time to die.

You can feel good about their prolonged agony.

Tip 5:

Be sure and wash all the bedding and clothing associated with the person who has/had a lice problem.

The hotter the water the better. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the area thoroughly but the risk of lice propagating in carpet is very low because carpets generally don’t have the warmth they need not the food supply (your blood).

If you do find yourself using an anti-lice medication, be sure, and read the instructions, and/or follow the advice of your medical practitioner. Some medicines work differently than others.