Pain Between Shoulder Blades and Neck: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Every time you turn around to see or pick something, you feel a piercing pain in your back. Also, you get a mild irritating sensation in your back and you are wondering what the hell is happening to your body.

Well, your body has been since long giving you signals of something is wrong with your body part, but you ignored it and now you are facing the sharp pain which is just not bearable.

Like a sharp razor feel there is tearing pain in your back and sometimes neck and shoulder. It feels like your muscles of your neck and back are twisting and the pain is getting unbearable.

You grab a pain killer and you feel okay for the time being, but again after some time, the pain returns. It is high time that you should listen to your body what it is telling you.

This kind of pain in the neck and shoulder blades pain is seen developing in both males and females.

With the correct medicine and guidance, this bad pain can be treated well at a time before it becomes worse for you.

Pain Between Shoulder Blades and Neck
Pain Between Shoulder Blades and Neck


The pain you experience between your shoulder blades and neck arises from the muscles that counterbalance the shoulder which in medical terms known as shoulder girdle.

The Rhomboid and Trapezius muscles are stretched towards their limit and are not capable of handling the load hence people tend to develop the pain.

Often it is difficult to find the exact causes of neck pain radiating between shoulder blades.

The reason could be many behind developing this kind of sudden pain such as not warming up enough before the exercise, not stretching after working out, lazy lifestyle, sitting continuously in a certain position, etc.

In addition, the people who are overweight, have a bad habit of wrongly picking up the stuff. They are also the victims of this type of pain between the neck and shoulder blades.

Signs and Symptoms

Never ignore what your body is trying to tell you when it is experiencing the slightest pain.

Painful conditions such as experiencing pain in the upper back between shoulder blades and neck could turn into a major health problem someday.

Body pain like this means there is something wrong going in and it needs immediate attention.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of the pain between your shoulder blades and neck include:

  • It hurts while stretching
  • It restricts your movements
  • The pain is often felt like the deep ache
  • Pain felt while eating or after sleeping
  • There is a twisting pain while moving your neck
  • Sometimes it is the soreness and the stiffness of the neck
  • Sometimes the pain is felt in other body parts like the head, ear, jaw, arm, elbow, etc

Treating The Pain

Now you know the symptoms hence you can get the proper treatment for it.

The pain is often not hard to treat if you feel it only in one shoulder. But if you experience constant pain in both shoulder blades and neck, it is time to get worried about it.

It is suggested not to take over the counter medicines for problems like these unless the hurting is severe or chronic. These medications are just temporary relief and do nothing in treating your pain permanently.

Also, if not suggested by your medical practitioner do not go for any kind of massage. Let your doctor examine your condition first and see whether it is really okay to go ahead with the massaging or not.

Based on your condition your doctor would suggest you have a heat pack, mindfulness training, massage gun, along with posture correction tips, and most importantly a peaceful sleep to get appropriate rest.

Your physician may also advise you to perform the best shoulder blade and neck pain exercises as per your conditions.

These are effective enough in providing you the natural relief without any risk. He may suggest you some best medications if needed based on the severity of your pain.

With the above-mentioned information, hope that you will be able to recognize the pain between your shoulder blades and neck and will not ignore it.

It is important for you to give timely treatment to avoid serious health consequences later.