Ostrich is one of the healthiest meats ever

There is a new delicious food product on the market that is hailed as one of the healthiest red meat choices available. Ostrich is a sustainable food source and increasing the number of farms for marketing can have a positive effect on the environment.

Ostrich is more economic to produce than many other types of meat and it promotes better health throughout the population that choose it as a meat source.

Ostrich meat Nutrition Facts

Health benefits of Ostrich meat

Ostrich meat contains less fat than beef, pork or lamb. It provides a rich and lean supply of protein, which is a vital nutrient, while satisfying cravings for red meat.

Anyone who enjoys having a healthy serving of meat in their meal plans can actually reduce cholesterol levels by making the switch from beef, pork or lamb. Because of the low fat levels in the meat, it tends to cook more quickly than other types so it will be ready for the table sooner.

Eco-friendly solution

Ostrich farming is superior over raising other types of stock for meat sources. Less feed and water are required per pound of Ostrich meat generated. They may also be raised in smaller areas of land. Ostrich farms also produce fewer emissions of CO2 into the air.

Cattle are responsible for over 67 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of meat. Sheep produce 23.8 and Ostrich emits just 5.4.

Raising ostrich is a green approach for meat producers that is more beneficial to the delicate ecosystem. If there were to be a conversion from cattle ranches to ostrich, the air that we breathe would be much cleaner.

American Ostrich Farms commitment

American Ostrich Farms is dedicated to providing a healthier sustainable red meat source for consumers. The Ostrich is raised with no antibiotics or hormones and is certified to be 100 percent natural, USDA inspected premium meat.

They freeze the meat at the peak of freshness to preserve the flavor and quality. The company also takes advantage of reusable shipping containers to cut down on the amount of waste product that is generated through packaging.

Anyone who is looking for a healthy source of red meat will benefit by trying ostrich for a change. You will be making a healthy choice that may indeed end up being your new favorite food.

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