Now Designs Cake Stand: Why You Need It This Christmas

Cakes are delectable delight and an ideal treat or special occasions like birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

Cake stand is a necessary kitchen accessory to display special dishes, seasonal decor or entry table at events. It comes in handy to display cakes in a decorative way.

Now Designs has created fashionable, fun and functional kitchen accessories for over 45 years. Its quality and workmanship is unsurpassed.

Now Designs Tin Cake Stand is one of its amazing collections. It has a sweet scalloped edge. It is made of ceramic and definitely adds charm to your retro kitchen design.

What I like about Now Designs Tin Cake Stand is its retro look and functionality. It is a nice wide size cake stand that is perfect for larger cakes as well. It is not only looks stylish but also versatile.

You can use it as decorative piece in your kitchen to get retro look and can be used regularly to display your cakes and cookies too. It will fit with every theme. Pretty platter and the great part is it looks more expensive than it was.

This comes in amazing colors which can be easily complemented with your vintage kitchen. And its charming design fits well with your kitchen appliances as well.

This Ceramic cake stand is durable, easy to clean, portable, keep your cakes fresh, and sit easily on any table.

This cake stand not only allows you to display your beautiful cupcakes, but also make an attractive table canter piece. You can adorn this stand with LED lighting, silk flowers and tulle for a decorative look.

Overall, Now Designs Tin Cake Stand is a must have kitchen accessory this Christmas. With its whimsical looks, you can even turn an ordinary breakfast into a more festive affair.