Nail Fungus Infections And Best Remedies To Get Rid Of

Did you suddenly notice that your nail is turning yellow and crumbled? This is a common problem, which occurs due to nail fungus. It begins with an appearance of yellow and white spots at the age of the toenail and fingernail.

As the infection affect deeply, nail becomes thicken, discolor and edges go crumbled.

The medical term of the problem is Onychomycosis or Tinea Unguium. This infection can affect multiple nails but not all.

Sometimes it is painful, and medication and self-care can help you prevent the problem.

However, nail fungus often revives. If the problem is not bothering much, then you shall be careful before it gets serious.

What Are The Causes

A nail fungal infection occurs due to a fungus attacks a toenail, a fingernail or the nail bed, the skin under the nail.

These fungi can strike through a cut around your nail or a gap between the nail bed and the nail. If you have a healthy body, then this problem will not affect much.

This fungus enters from wet areas, showers in gyms, swimming pools and other communal showers. As the age grows, the problem gets more serious because of the lower immunity level.

These toenail infections depend on conditions like AIDS, cancer, diabetes or using any immunosuppressive medicines like steroid.

Symptoms That Appear

Several symptoms are there and signs that indicate you about the appearance of the problem. A number of species of fungus are there that affect nails.

Most common species is Trichophyton rubrum that has prone to infect a skin and appear in different forms. The most common type of nail fungal infection symptom is raising the nail up starting from the end of it.

This type of infection is more common in toenail infections. The risk factors associated with it include swimming, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, older age, diabetes or suppressed system of immunity.

The least common kind of symptom is raising the nail up from the base. The most common symptom is yellow, white, brown and thickened nails.

Best Remedies and Treatment for White and Yellow Toenail Fungus

Several medication and home remedies are there that are effective to cure the infection. Apart from these, medical science has come up with different new treatments for nail infection.

Some of the popular home remedies are applying apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda, oil of oregano, antibacterial mouthwash etc.

Additionally some home remedies that restrict the growth and development of toenail fungus are mentioned below:

  1. The house vinegar can be utilised as foot soak. You can mix 1 portion of vinegar with two portions of water. Soak your feet in it for 20 minutes and get rid of fungus
  2. Most of the people opt for medicated chest rub and use it on their toenails directly daily to eliminate the problem.
  3. There are anti-fungal creams as well as shampoos that help in the treatment of fungus with great success
  4. Tea tree oil has its own benefits in the treatment of fungus in the toes.
  5. Isopropyl alcohol can used directly on the infected areas of the nail, many time a day to eradicate the infection completely.
  6. Grind garlic with water and apply it on the infected areas. Garlic holds anti-fungal features and helps in immediate soothing effects.


Conventional Medical treatments

Before opting for a rigorous step like laser treatment, your doctor should go for other methods accessible for nail fungus. You can file your nail surface and go or topical medication for some time. Opting for oral medication like itraconazole is also a good suggestion.

The medical course for this goes for 6 to 12 weeks. It helps in the growth of new fungus free nail and renders successful results in about 4 months. Anti-fungal nail lacquer also helps for the same purpose.

Going for homeopathic treatment is also a great option, but only for those who have some big time patience, as before curing, it symptoms worsen. Thus, one needs to be quite patient while going for homeopathic toenail fungus treatment.

Find out which treatment is suitable for you and go for the same!!