Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Symptoms and Physiological Illness

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a physiological illness which effects immune system and cognitive problems. The symptoms are similar to the flu and viral infections. Fatigue and chronical conditions can be used to find out Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

fatigueThe symptoms of Myalgic encephalomyelitis are headaches, rashes, mouth ulcers, frequent urination, poor circulation of blood at hand and feet ( when you feel colder at the high temperatures ), blurred vision, muscle weakness, sensitive to light and food, sore throat, and dryness of throat and eyes.

Some patients suffer so badly that they stick to the bed throughout the day. They become tired very easily just by doing simple things.

Doctors should handle the patients very carefully who shows Myalgic encephalomyelitis symptoms as they should not get hurt. Poor concentration, poor memory and having great difficulty in speaking and choosing words fall under cognitive symptoms.

Improper sleep, being over excited or being very dull, depression and personality changes leads to nervous disorders. Photophobias, postural hypertension, disturbance in bowel movements are also the other causes for this.

This syndrome creates more laziness in a person and they will be more lethargic to do the tasks. There are many organizations and help centers that are available to help the patients and to council them regarding this.