What is Laxative Tea – How it Help?

Laxatives are a blend of herbs and stimulants proposed to promote movements in the bowel and relieve constipation.

The ingredients are structured in a tea bag and taken either in a required way or under medical supervision to eliminate the excess fecal matter that leads to a slender decline in body weight.

Well, the ingredients used in laxative tea are buckthorn, rhubarb, aloe, castor oil, licorice root, sweet orange peel, and bitter fennel fruit.

herbal laxative tea

How does Laxative Tea Work?

Today, constipation is the most general digestive problem faced by every second person in the population.

Every year, millions are spread on laxative teas and products in the form of self-treatment.

Of all the products, Laxative tea is more in use, which contains Senna in the form of an active ingredient.

It contains sennosides that are extracted from the senna plant which directly works in easing the bowel movements and stimulates the plexus in the intestinal wall, allows the muscles to compress and contract to budge the stool out.

Mainly it is the sennosides that irritate the bowel lining to give the laxative effect and work in a better way.

What are the Benefits of Laxative Tea?

  • Laxative tea will induce proper bowel movements and is very effective in curing constipation.
  • The digestive system will be cleaned of the accumulated crud.
  • Detoxification will occur at a faster pace and the metabolism rate will take a boost.
  • The immunity of the body will increase.
  • The heart will remain healthy for a longer duration compared to subsisting on a regular calorie-rich diet.
  • The body will be infused with a rich supply of antioxidants.
  • The energy level of the body resurges causing one to feel fulfilled and enriched.

People who are weight loss freaks should pose their faith in laxative tea more for detoxification, rather than for weight loss. The tea focuses its action on the large intestine.

In contrast, the fat cells are saturated in the small intestine and hence, there is not much to expect on the weight loss front. A healthy appetite is the greatest gift that the laxative tea bestows on its users.

So it is a must-try for those seeking to get healthy and effective weight loss naturally.

How to Make Natural Laxative Tea?

Making natural laxative tea at home is an easy DIY process. You can brew a cup of it to ease your digestive tract naturally.

Here is a step by step process that can help:

Fill your teapot with cold water and boil it. Add your favorite herbal laxative tea and allow it to simmer when the water reaches about full boiling.

Strain the tea before drinking and you find yourself in good health when you drink it regularly.

You can place the leftover tea in a pitcher and refrigerate it for using it the next time. Reheat it in your microwave easily before drinking next time.

I personally use a tea infuser with a mesh basket to prepare and brew my great laxative tea recipe at home. It helps me to make natural laxative tea for the master cleanse in very little time.

Laxative Tea Side Effects: Is It Really Safe?

While on the laxative tea diet, the user should steadfastly adhere to a strict dietary routine that prominently features having fulfilling morning breakfast. Besides so many benefits of laxative tea, there are side effects of using this tea. Commonly associated problems include:

  • Enhanced irritability
  • Emotional craving for food
  • Lethargy and fatigue

For people who question about is laxative tea safe? we can say that it is safe and proves to be the best slimming aid to lose weight and get back the body shape. The main reason is that laxative acts mainly in the colon after the food is engrossed through the intestine.

If you are suffering from constipation and looking for the best herbal tea without any side effects, then a cup of laxative tea does wonders every day with the right ingredients and right quantity.

For best results begin with a small quantity which can be increased slowly as per the requirement and when the body begins to show a positive response after everyday use as good things take place in a slow way.

Some points to keep in mind while taking laxative tea are:

  • One should go for herbal teas and not the caffeinated counterparts
  • Advice should be sought regarding the teas that work delicately but thoroughly
  • Pregnant ladies should abstain from using the laxative tea
  • Safety regarding consuming this tea is assured, provided the tea is not taken for a long time on a trot.

Can I Take Laxative Tea with Master Cleanse Diet?

Often it is asked that whether we can take laxative tea while on the master cleanse diet OR not?

To be true, a master cleanse is a diet that is quite challenging as it does not allow any type of additional diet to be consumed.

But as these teas are completely herbal and organic it does not affect the master cleanse benefits. In fact, these are the best master cleanse teas you can drink while on this diet.

Experts recommend that you should consume one cup of laxative tea in the morning and in the evening for getting the toxins expelled out of the body (which have been released into your system by doing a cleanse).

You can, therefore, make laxative tea for the master cleanse at your home and can consume it once or twice a day without any risk.

Importance of Laxative Tea while Master Cleansing

Studies reveal that laxative tea can have a significant impact while doing the master cleanse. Being not too harsh on your stomach, this can be a great alternative to saltwater flush.

The best thing about using laxative tea while on the master cleanse diet is its effectiveness to speed up the colon cleansing process or autolysis. Also as it is easier, tastier, and pleasing to drink.

We know that master cleanse is a liquid-mono diet where you consume only liquids. Bowel movements are thus runny or liquid. Many people who do not consume laxative tea while on this diet, suffer from very few eliminations.

But to feel well and active (and for the successful master cleanse diet), you need to have regular eliminations. Herbal laxative tea not only increases the elimination but also helps in curbing hunger pangs and food cravings during the master cleanse diet.

Hunger pangs and craving for solid foods are some of the most difficult parts of the master cleanse diet, and taking laxative tea thus helps in reducing these difficulties.

In a few cases, if at times you suffer from diarrhea, you should stop taking (or reduce the dosage) herbal laxative tea.

What is the Best Laxative Tea for Master Cleanse?

Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Peppermint Tea is one of the best-recommended laxatives for the master cleanse diet recipe.

This tea has been used for years and is much popular among users due to its effectiveness to relieve occasional constipation.

A traditional combination of peppermint, licorice, and fennel is blended with senna in this Smooth Move Peppermint Tea.

All ingredients are certified organic and kosher. It helps to aid the body’s natural elimination process and is thus most suited for mc diet.

It can be best taken at bedtime before going to sleep. The taste of the tea is pleasantly aromatic, peppermint, and bittersweet.

Final Thoughts and My Personal Experiences

If you are the person who enjoys every sip of green tea occasionally to feel active and fresh on a dull day or during the afternoon time at work, then green tea in the form of laxative tea works best to feel better and get proper movement in the bowel.

But green tea does not present a similar effect to the laxative tea in bowel movement, which means it makes you urinate at shorter intervals than usual.

Therefore, it is better to drink laxative tea without any substitute for it as green tea is diuretic whereas laxative tea works as a lubricant to let the stools out without any painful constipation.

I personally vouch for the amazing and effective ways in which the best herbal laxative tea works to get the body free of crud.

Laxative tea may set in mild to severe stomach aches in the initial days, but that is normal. One may opt for a milder tea if he/she is unable to put up with it.

I have started feeling little pain coupled with light-headedness in the first few days, but I decided to stick to laxative tea, and reaped home the sparkling results.

People who consider one variant of the tea to be harsher in the stomach can go for Triphala tea too. Alternatively, it is best to check out various herbal laxative tea reviews online before buying one.

Users embarking on laxative tea should be prepared to feel the initial blows, the detoxifying agent carries with it. But, they gradually fade away within 3-4 days as the body gets accustomed to it.

This I can say categorically and convincingly from my own stint with the laxative tea.