Importance of Yoga for Kids

Yoga has different stages which help all people, whether he is a beginner, intermediate or advanced. It has been founded that yoga has a positive effect on pregnant women. It teaches them proper breathing techniques and helps them with pain of pregnancy and labor. But our kids, do they get stressed, does yoga help kids?

Yoga for KidsIt is a known fact that kids also undergo stress like adults. They have to do so many things in their daily life like school, many subjects’ homework, playing sports and excelling in them in school and competition to get higher grades, living up to their parent’s expectations.

This is a lot of stress for a child and they also need to relax like we do. Yoga for kids is the best way of their relaxation.

Yoga makes kids aware of their bodies which give them self-control. It increases their sense of coordination and flexibility of limbs is also increased. It will teach them how to cope up with their daily work easily. Kids doing yoga do better at school and they also do well in co-curricular activities than kids not doing yoga.

Yoga also helps to control your emotions; it teaches us how to be patient and how to control our anger, happiness or sadness. It helps hyper active children as from doing yoga regularly their hyper activity goes down. Some kids have concentrating problems; they can’t keep their attention focused on something. Yoga has improved their concentrating power. Kids are very impulsive and it can be channeled effectively by yoga.

There are lots of yoga postures that help kids but the tree pose and the warrior pose are very good for kids. These poses build confidence and teach children to maintain balance. You can encourage them for doing these poses by telling them to imagine yourself the pose they are doing.

Take for example the tree pose. Teach them to imagine that they are the trees and what tree symbolizes like strength and gratitude. So kids with imagine themselves as trees while doing the tree pose and learn characteristics like being strong and have gratitude.

Yoga also teaches team spirit as they do yoga with other kids. You can get them to focus, if you can help them visualize. Tell them to think of a place they like or imagine playing at the beach or anything they like.

Kids don’t have any control over their imagination. So a story with guided imagination will help them relax. You can allow kids to imagine walking on grass or chasing butterfly. It helps them become relaxed and peaceful. Yoga for Kids is very important, it help their body, mind and spirit.

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