How Should Meat Be Stored?

A good kitchen is dependent on the proper knowledge of how to safely store and cook the food. When it comes to meat storage, it should be known that different varieties of meat have properties unique to each of them when it comes to storage and preparation.

Before you handle any kind of meat, wash your hands thoroughly and prepare the meat on a surface distinct from other cooking materials.

Germs are easily spread, so it is important to keep vegetables and similar cooking ingredients away from the meat.

Do use different cutting boards and clean all the cooking utensils that came in contact with the raw meat.

How To Store Meat In Freezer?

The rule of thumb states that uncured raw meat like ground hamburger meat stays around three days with refrigeration.

If you plan to keep uncooked meat for a longer period of time, then the meat should be frozen in airtight packaging. If it is packed in the correct manner in a standard domestic freezer, the meat can be stored for several months.

Refrigeration time and freezing depends upon the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezer. Meat can be kept for the longest period if the temperature of the freezer hovers around zero degrees Fahrenheit. (-18 degrees Celsius).

Nutrients are retained more at this temperature. Refrigerator temperature should hover around 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) to lengthen the shelf life of meat.

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The general guide to storing meat is:

Refrigerated meat

✦     Uncooked Poultry: Two days

✦     Uncooked Beef: Two days

✦     Cooked Poultry: Four days

✦     Cooked Beef: Four days

Frozen meat

✦     Uncooked Poultry: Six to Twelve months

✦     Uncooked Beef: Six months

✦     Cooked Poultry: Four months

✦     Cooked Beef: Four months

It is advisable to freeze meat in your regular eating size so that it can be brought out easily and cooked without the worry of wasting the excess food.