How Does Varicella Zoster Virus Cause Chickenpox?

Varicella Zoster virus is the main cause behind the disease named Chickenpox. It is mostly established by the presence of the fluid filled skin lesions called vesicles which is followed with the rash of blisters.

The Varicella-Zoster virus is normally transmitted through airborne routes and has an easy tendency to enter into the human body as a result the person develops Chickenpox.

Chicken PoxIt is a common illness and the seriousness of the illness varies depending upon the person’s immunity.

However; Chicken pox has severe characteristics that can weaken the immune system of pregnant women, kids, new-borns and people older than 55.

It is wise to get an immediate medication or to get the doctor’s attention that helps in reducing further the disease.

Chicken pox Causes and Symptoms

Chicken pox due to Varicella zoster is a highly contagious disease which gets easily transmitted from one person to other either by direct contact or by air born spread like coughing and sneezing. Chickenpox transmission can also occur due to vesicle fluid or secretions of the respiratory tract.

Usually the symptoms are seen in children than adults, but adult may also suffer from this contagious disease often.

The very first symptoms of this virus are high body temperature or high fever which then start developing into rash turning into the blisters filled with fluid. These blisters can cause a lot itchiness and inflammation deteriorating the skin condition.

There person also experiences weakness and tiredness in the body. Initially there would only some parts of the body will be affected by these tiny blisters such as back and chest and then in couple of days the body has been fully covered with these tiny red spots even in mouth, tongue, scalp etc.

How to Prevent Chickenpox Infection?

Chicken pox prevention can now be done by getting chickenpox vaccine which is very safe and effective for kids.

Studies show that most of the children when get proper vaccination on time do not suffer from this disease. Even if they get the chickenpox the symptoms seen and mild and can be easily treated at home.

If you child is suffering from chickenpox it is good to keep off your children from school to avoid the contagious disease from spreading.

Best Home Remedies and Treatment Options

When it comes to treating chickenpox at home with natural remedies, doctors usually suggest to increase the intake of the  fluids during the course of disease. This helps to heal the symptoms faster.

Few other natural home remedies to prevent the chicken pox from getting worse are:

  • Apply calamine lotion
  • Bath in baking soda or oatmeal
  • Wear mittens while sleeping at night
  • Give pain relievers after consulting with your doctor

Besides the above home remedies for varicella zoster virus are many, but in some situations usual medications do not help hence; there becomes a necessity to switch to antibiotics.

Seeking an advice from a medical practitioner is therefore highly advised since this is not the case where you can do a little trial and error thing.

The medication dose varies from one person to another based on the severity; therefore a doctor’s prescribed drugs are helpful in order to reduce the intensity of the infection.

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