How Does Air Ambulance Prove Helpful for Seniors?

Air ambulances are specially equipped aircraft used to transport ill or sick patients to the place that is unapproachable by ground ambulances. Emergency situations, especially for seniors, require urgency and air ambulances are a much faster method to get to a destination.

Air ambulances are well-equipped with medical facilities which include medicine, medical ventilators, electrocardiography or ECG and other important equipment.

The aircraft is operated by a professional flight staff and paramedics. They are specialized flight-trained personnel that can work effectively under great pressure.

Air ambulance paramedics are thoroughly selected from a number of paramedics who have already gained two years working experience after becoming a licensed medical technician physician.

The selected applicants are given extensive training since the type of work in the air is much more physically and intellectually challenging compare to that on the ground. Air ambulance paramedics are also trained to work in various challenging environments like in a boat or on an island. This kind of training prepares the staff in all aspects to respond to emergencies, which may occur during the rescuing operation.

Air ambulance flight crew consists of paramedics, medical attendants, physicians and sometimes a therapist. Air ambulance is a flying intensive care unit that transports injured and critically ill patients. The entire crew must be comprised of professionals licensed to work in an air ambulance since they are doing a vital job that can put a person’s life at risk if the entire operation is not managed and monitored properly.

Pilots are mainly responsible for flying the aircraft. All air ambulance pilots are licensed and hold an Air Transport Pilot certificate and first class medical certificate. The whole flying medical center is under the supervision of licensed medical doctors who are specially trained to perform treatment during the flight.

Working with the medical doctors or flight physicians are the registered respiratory therapists who are licensed to attend on patients with cardiopulmonary disorders or suffering a stroke or heart attack while in the air.

There are also the flight paramedics who perform an advance level of care in an emergency situation. They are professionals well experienced in the medical field and hold an emergency medical technician certificate.

Assisting the flight physicians are the nurses, who monitor and oversee the medication of the senior patients during the entire air ambulance flight.