Hot Tub Covers for Complete Hot Tub Care

Hot tub covers play a crucial role in safeguarding your spa, however, they can accumulate dirt over time and contaminate the water. To clean the cover, remove and lay it on a clean surface, clean the top vinyl portion then rinse it exhaustively.

hottubcareImage: mySpaCover

Presumably, you don’t need water to overstay in your spa as it can have serious drawbacks. Before trickling in fresh water, turn off the power at the breaker, pull the drain out and remove the drain cap. Attach a hose pipe to the drain to activate the drain.

The filtration and purification systems need to be cleaned more often.

1. Place your spa in the hold mode.

2. Remove the filter cap, plate and then the filter cartridges

3. Use a high pressure hose to clean the fabric filtration material

The spa shell surface gets dirty with time and you need to clean it. Ensure that you have a mild detergent like window cleaner, use mild acrylic cleaner to eliminate stubborn stains. If there are hard water spots or scratches, contact your spa dealer for a more professional touch.