Gym Jerky: Nutritional Infusion

Gym Jerky, LLC is a revolutionary new nutritional food concept, which assists consumers to meet their health and fitness goals. This innovative process has a patent pending, and is the only one of its kind that exists.

Gym Jerky takes beef and infuses nutrients and supplements within it to provide the minerals and vitamins needed for their nutritional goals, all in a compact Beef Jerky made of lean and quality beef. All requirements are absolutely met with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and all packing, processing, and labeling is done in the US.

Gym Jerky

Gym Jerky, LLC utilizes their registered dietitian to ensure that the best and most effective nutritional goals are met in their product.

At this time, no other concept of nutritional infusion exists like this in the US. Gym Jerky takes existing supplements/nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and so forth, and infuse them into their quality Beef Jerky.

A provisional patent is in place and encompasses the meat used in this product—but most importantly, the patent is looking towards the future and the growth of Gym Jerky. Gym Jerky, LLC wants to expand their products by using this same concept with fruits as well—this product will be called Fitness Fruit.

The first nutrients will be Creatine and Glutamine. Both nutrients exist naturally and are necessary for good muscular development and maintenance. Gym Jerky is working on not only their Original flavor but on a Pineapple Teriyaki. Fitness Fruit, which is being developed, is Gym Jerky’s next development and is intended for their fruit lover and vegan customers.

Their Kickstarter page is asking for the funding to complete an unexpected goal. To give a short background of how this came to be, a Chartwell regional representative contacted Gym Jerky about wanting to use their product in school systems for a school district in Colorado.

Gym Jerky meets the “Smart Snacks” regulations that they abide by, and currently, they are aiming to provide un-enhanced, normal Jerky to the kids of that district to see if this product can make a difference in schools, and provide healthier options to students.

If so, a Chartwell Vice President for the Western US region (which is a nine state area), believes that Gym Jerky’s product can be a hit in her region, which can do much to expand this LLC and the product all over the United States and bring their brand into schools and homes everywhere.

However, despite being an unexpected development, Gym Jerky, LLC does not want this opportunity to pass by. However, it will require money for them to have a shot at becoming incorporated not only in that single Colorado district, but in the Western US in Chartwell’s distribution area.

To help make this opportunity come to life for the health of students, you can contribute and become the first to order this new product. For the kids this product will be made available to, this could change their nutritional levels for the better, and Gym Jerky could grow to help other students in the entire nation.