Fibroneuralgia Symptoms and Treatment

These days the word fibroneuralgia is used by people quite frequently, but it causes confusion too. It is not a true medical diagnosis but actually a blend of two words- neuralgia and fibromyalgia.

The type and intensity of pain which patients of fibromyalgia disease suffers from is known as fibroneuralgia.


FibroneuralgiaIt is a chronic disorder that makes the life of a sufferer difficult.

The various symptoms of fibromyalgia ailment are disturbed sleep, restless leg syndrome, pain all over the body for more than three months, memory issues, deep body aches and weight gain etc.

It causes pain throughout the body and not just any one local specialized part.


It is a type of pain that follows the path of a nerve. It is basically a muscle and connective tissue chronic widespread pain which gives painful response even to gentle touch.

The various other features of fibroneuralgia are sleep disturbance, joint stiffness and deliberate body fatigue, breathing difficulties, difficulty in swallowing anything, bowel and bladder disorders, numbness and tingling sensations, cognitive disorders and abnormal motor activity. A person suffering from fibroneuralgia disorder may also suffer from anxiety-related symptoms.

Fibroneuralgia ailment is caused by complete imbalance in body. It is sad to say that circulation, blood and nerve restrictions leads to development of muscle aches and pains which further causes this painful body condition.

So even if you are under the cobweb of this ailment, then make sure you take complete treatment to get it treated on time so that you can lead happy and healthy life ahead.

Fibroneuralgia Symptoms

There are many people affected by FMS, but the interesting factor is that they even don’t know about the condition. It is scary that you suffer from Fibroneuralgia symptoms and is completely uninformed about the same.

To handle this kind of condition, it is best to gather as much information as you can about signs of fatigue and chronic fatigue treatment.

CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a complex disorder and there is no cause for the condition. One thing can be assumed that it is linked with any earlier infection.

In cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, patients are constantly exhausted and fatigued and the condition remains for around 6 months or more without any given reason. More than men, women are usually affected by this condition which also leads to chronic fatigue depression.

Debilitating fatigue, joint stiffness and pain, cognitive dysfunction, insomnia and various sleep problems are among the other symptoms of this condition.

Fibroneuralgia Treatment

One of the major reasons why this excruciatingly painful condition develops is the reduction in the amount of energy production. In order to treat this naturally, the following tips must be followed diligently and honestly.

Some useful ways in order to treat fibromyalgia naturally are:

Take good nutritious diet

First of all, do an exclusive study on the relation between diet and fibromyalgia and also indulge in a well-balanced nutritious diet regime that has lots of antioxidants and immunity improving nutrients.

Some foods are bound to promote or even build immunity and healthy body functioning while others will trigger symptoms leading to fibromyalgia; so it is highly recommended that you keep a food diary in order to get a fairly good idea on what triggers and what helps.

Intake of caffeine in different form and in excessive quantity can also add to the woes and the only thing one can do is to avoid taking these in any form or at least reduce the quantity of the intake.

Avoid stress and take vitamins

Stress is one of the major factors that trigger fibroneuralgia flare-ups. Taking up different stress management or relaxation techniques allows you to fight the fatigue that otherwise would follow stress.

It helps to indulge you in exercises that would relieve pain in muscles and stiffness. It also helps in relaxing the stress and depression and giving that much needed motion for your joints. Low impact exercises like swimming and walking are highly recommended.

Vitamins for fibromyalgia are also many times recommended to release the stress, tension and fatigue out of the body. Vitamin B helps to reduce stress whereas Vitamin C aids in reducing swelling and also helps to improve the functions of immune system.

Calcium is a muscle regulator and helps the nervous system to relax. Taking Vitamin D is therefore good for the body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D also helps to reduce muscle spasms and muscle aches.

Get fibro supplements

Besides taking vitamins, other effective way of managing fibromyalgia is by increasing your intake of suppplements like magnesium.

This can be made possible by involving in regular Epsom salt bath as magnesium is a vital element required for proper nerve functioning and pain regulation. It also eases joint stiffness and helps your body exude energy.

Capsaicin, which is a naturally occurring ingredient in pepper, is a major element in most of the over-the-counter relief lotions and sprays. When applied, it releases a chemical substance known as substance P that once depleted will result in relieving the pain sensation.

SAMe, also known as adenosylmethionine is a natural substance that helps the fibromyalgia patients’ to deal with fatigue, pain and stress.

You may check here for the best fibromyalgia supplements that are available in the market for help

Try acupuncture treatment

One of the most traditional methods of treating pain naturally is by getting an acupuncture treatment from a professional acupuncturist who knows how to treat fibroneuralgia patients.

Therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, massage helps in relieving the fatigue and fibro conditions very well and should not be ignored. You should carefully choose an experienced therapist who can help to deal with the disease effectively.

You can also include tools like ice-packs, heating pads, toilet seat riser, support pillows, shower seat, etc. that will soothe the hurtful muscles or even reduce the stress on the muscles.

Take good enough sleep

Sleep is an essential part of the proper body functioning. Since, fibromyalgia patients tend to show the signs of insomnia and sleep disorders, it leads to conditions like depression. Lack of sound sleep is one of the basic reasons for depression.

Healthy sleep can be promoted by the natural supplements like melatonin which can be taken after consulting with your doctor.

Take help of fibromyalgia support groups

Internet-based support units and face-to-face formal groups can help you learn more about the problem as well as about how to deal with FMS.

You can get involve in some of these fibromyalgia support groups that will help you learn to relieve from and treat such chronic conditions.

They will be a support group of people you can bank on because they can understand the emotions and challenges that fibroneuralgia patients have to go through. Such groups are bound to be a haven for these patients.