8 Must Try Drinking Chocolate Recipes

Michael Levine rightly said, “Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.” From expressing love to silently saying sorry, chocolate has always held its own.

Speaking of drinking chocolate, be it chilled chocolate shake in summers or hot chocolate in winters, chocolate excites your senses even as it helps you relax.

Here are 8 divine drinking chocolate recipes that are a must-try before you die.

1- Hot-Mellow-Chocolate:

Ingredients- skimmed milk, divine drinking chocolate, sugar and marshmallows.

Method- bring the milk to simmer in a pan. Put a tablespoon of chocolate powder and sugar in a mug. Pour the milk in the mug and add marshmallows. Empty the mug into a flask. Screw the lid on tightly and shake. Pour back into the mug and enjoy.

2- Flavoured Delight:

Ingredients- 2 cups milk, 1 tsp honey, 3 tbsp divine drinking chocolate, 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon, ½ orange (zested).

Method- Add the ingredients to a saucepan and heat on low. Stir continuously for 10 minutes until dark brown. Strain and serve immediately.

3- Banana Chocolate Shake:

Ingredients- 1 banana, 1 tbsp divine drinking chocolate and sugar, ½ cup coconut milk, ½ cup cold water, 1 tbsp almond butter.

Method- combine ingredients and blend until smooth. Add more water to achieve the desired consistency. Serve with ice.

4- Chocolate Hazelnut Panna Cota:

Ingredients- 1 cup cream, 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp divine drinking chocolate, ½ cup hazelnut spread, 3 tbsp cold water, gelatin, roasted hazelnuts, pomegranate seeds.

Method- heat the first 4 ingredients on medium flame. Stir occasionally. Add cold water and gelatin in a bowl and leave until gelatin softens. Pour the heated mixture in this bowl and whisk properly. Sieve through a mesh and refrigerate. Garnish with hazelnuts and pomegranate seeds when set.

5- Strawberry Love:

Ingredients- handful fresh strawberries, 1 cup cold milk, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp divine chocolate powder, 1 tsp instant coffee.

Method- blend all the ingredients, add ice cubes and sip your way through!

6- Caramel Iced Coffee:

Ingredients- 1 cup cold coffee, 1 cup milk, ½ cup sugar, 2 tbsp caramel syrup, 1 tbsp divine drinking chocolate, ¼ tsp salt, 3 cups crushed ice, 1 pinch vanilla extract.

Method- blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

7- One for health:

Ingredients- handful of blueberries, ½ tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, ½ tbsp flax seeds, ¼ cup ice, 2 tbsp divine drinking chocolate and ½ cup coconut water.

Method- add coconut water and chia seeds in a blender and leave for 10 minutes. Add the other ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve cold!

8- Triple Chocolate Avocado Shake:

Ingredients- I cup almond milk, 2 tbsp divine drinking chocolate, 1 ripe avocado and ½ ripe banana.

Method- place the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add sugar or stevia for added sweetness.