Constipation in Kids: Causes & Preventive Measures

Constipation occurs in all age groups. Among the various digestive system problems, constipation ranks first. The major reasons for the occurrence of constipation are:

  • Constipation in KidsLack of water intake,
  • High intake of protein
  • Lack of fiber in the diet,
  • rich and fat rich food items,
  • Lack of physical activity,
  • Continuous stress,
  • Nervous imbalance mainly in the mescentric nervous system,
  • Lack of bile salt and bile pigment secretion,
  • On rare occasions certain diseases also cause constipation.

Constipation is seen even in the new born babies and kids. The major reason for the kid’s constipation is lack of dietary fiber. The present day kids are highly magnetized towards the junk foods and fast foods. They consume the fast foods and junk foods on a regular basis. Most of the kids reject to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

Certain parents are trying their level best to make their kids understand about the importance of natural food stuffs. In contrary few parents are encouraging their kids to eat the fast foods, packed and tinned items. This habit of eating the unhealthy food items makes the kids to get stomach problem mainly improper bowel movements like constipation.

Getting constipation problem at the very early age is a dangerous problem because it may change into a chronic problem which disturbs the kid’s complete life itself. Sometimes such long standing fast food eating habits may lead to the disappearance of the normal bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract in the kids.

Because of this there are chances of occurrence of stomach cancer also.  So keeping the kid’s digestive system healthy is the most important thing.

For that the first and foremost thing the parents should do is administering healthy, natural and fiber rich diet to the kids. This regimen alone keeps the digestive tract healthy and keeps the kids health always stronger without any diseases.