Chocolate And Honey Goodness Naturally with Cocofuel

Nothing is as satisfying as biting into a luscious piece of creamy chocolate, especially when you know it’s made from all natural, organic ingredients. Many people eat chocolate every day without thinking about what ingredients go into the products they choose.

Many chocolate makers, even expensive brands, use cane sugar, white sugar or unhealthy sugar substitutes to increase the sweetness of their product and add empty calories.

Often the sugary taste overpowers the delicate, rich taste of the cocoa. Compound chocolates are made from fat, sweeteners and cocoa.

As taste palates tend to conform to what they are used to, many consider this to be what chocolate should taste like and do not expect any better from mainstream products.


A new brand of chocolate is gaining popularity with cocoa connoisseurs. Cocofuel makes scrumptious cocoa products made with organic ingredients. Organic cocoa, cocoa powder, vanilla and honey are blended together to make the healthiest cocoa treat you can buy.

Wake up your chocolate taste buds and enjoy the pleasure of organic chocolate sweetened with just enough honey to make it silky sweet. Once you discover the taste of chocolate made with natural ingredients, you’ll never go back to eating fatty, junk chocolate again.

Cocoafuel, whose slogan is”nutrition for the heart and soul”, is currently sold in regional Whole Foods Markets and online.

To make this amazing chocolate widely available, Cocofuel has started a kickstarter page, httpss://, where chocolate lovers everywhere can help manufacture and distribute these fabulous chocolate products.

Cocofuel’s kickstarter page gives a full breakdown of how they will use donor contributions. Helping Cocofuel get on your local shelf will help not only the company, but millions of consumers who want to give their family a healthy chocolate alternative.

You can feel good about funding their products as they are a fair trade company. Visit Cocofuel’s kickstarter page for more information and to help fund this up and coming brand.