Can I Get High On Aspirin?

Well, a very big no to this…! You certainly cannot get high with aspirin. Aspirin is an amazing medication which is prescribed by physicians to relieve pain, lower inflammation and fight fever.

It can also be used to lower the chances of heart disease, heart stroke and arthritis. However, you do have side effects for consuming too much of aspirin.


Consuming a minimum of 150mg of aspiring per kg of weight could lead to severely hazardous side effects. This could further lead to acute over dosage.

Aspirin possess an enzyme called PHS that catalyzes the amphetamine conversion and become a little psychoactive. Higher dosage of aspirin could be highly toxic and eventually lead to death.

Aspirin possesses Acetylsalicylic acid which is quite a hazardous ingredients and the basic culprit to cause all the issues. An overdose of aspirin could occur because of two reasons:

  • It could be out of accident or simply by ignorance or intentionally consumed. This case is known as acute overdose.
  • While chronic overdose occurs when a normal daily aspirin dose is build inside the body over a certain time period. It mainly happens, if your kidney doesn’t function properly or you remain dehydrated for a long time. this generally occurs amongst the older people, especially during summers

The major symptom of acute overdose includes an upset stomach, stomach pain, ringing in the ears, vomiting, nausea, build up ulcer in the stomach or gastritis and muscular abnormalities, respiratory failure and kidney failure.

Similarly, for chronic overdose, the major symptoms include fatigue, slight fever, hyperactivity, low blood pressure, mentally confused faster heartbeat, uncontrolled breathing and water accumulation in the lungs.

The best thing to be done during the time of any of the above condition is to seek instant medical assistance. One should make a call to the doctor and make arrangements for the patient to reach the hospital as soon as possible.

If the treatment for aspiring overdose is delayed or quite a large dose has been taken in one go, the symptoms will continue to get worsen. It will eventually lead to faster breathing, seizures, high fever and eventually death may occur in rare cases.

If you’ve really been careless about what will happen if you overdose on aspirin, then it is time, you keep these things in mind. One should only consume aspirin under strict physician guide.