5 Best Cleaning Products for Getting Clear Retainers at Home

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to a dental retainer or Invisalign Aligner Trays.

Ignoring proper cleaning of your retainer trays can result in the bacterial build up on them which further makes the aligner trays unhygienic for use.

Cleaning Retainers

These trays can make you sick if used as such.

For avoiding all the hygiene issues/problems caused due to Invisalign retainers you need to clean Invisalign retainers in a proper way every single day.

This will keep your trays germ free by avoiding any type of germ breeding on them.

5 Best Products for Cleaning Retainers at Home

Buying a new retainer set can be costly and thus it is best for you to spare a few minutes of time each day to care for your Invisalign retainer trays regularly.

Home methods for cleaning are although useful and can be tried at home, these do not give most effective results like a pro.

These methods also sometimes leave back percentage of germs and bacteria which are possible to remove with the usage of professional devices or products.

Here we discuss few best cleaning products that helps you in getting clean and clear retainers at home which are 99% germ free.

1- Retainer Brite

Retainer Brite is one of the bestselling products on Amazon which can be used for cleaning and caring of your retainers at home.

This effective removable brace cleaner tablet not only kills the germs and bacteria but also it help in removing plaque and tartar. It also helps in preventing discolouration of the braces which further reduces bad odour and bad breath problems.

The effective Retainer Brite Tablet’s special formula cleans, disinfect and brighten the orthodontic appliances within few minutes. It also keeps them minty fresh.

You can use the cleaner without any risk for cleaning your brace daily which will keep them clean and fresh forever. The pack of 96 tablets available at Amazon last for 3 months and is good to have for cleaning your braces.

You may check the complete review and pricing detail of the product here if you wish to buy this for home usage.

2- Fresh Guard Soak

This product is specially formulated for cleaning retainers, mouth-guards, clear braces and other types of removable braces at home.

With its ability to kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria it is fast enough to deep clean invisalign and retainers without any damage caused to your brace. You can also use this for removing any sort of build-up of mouth film or for clearing the stains or yellowness from the braces.

The product comes with 24 packets of Crystals which delivers the remarkable cleaning which you can see, smell and feel. Unlike brushing which can cause scratches to your expensive dental devices, the Fresh Guard Soak is highly safe and effective. You can use them at home or while on the go.

Check the detailed product review and customer rating here before buying the product online.

3- Sonic Brite Dental Cleaning System

This is yet another best method of cleaning your clear braces, invisalign and retainers at home.

This is an effective product offered by Sonic Brite which not only helps in removing the stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco and blueberry but also helps in having a fresh taste in your mouth when you use the cleaned braces.

Use this Sonic Brite dental cleaning machine to clean your braces or retainers at home and get back your confidence back.

Before buying the machine online you may check the detailed review of the product along with customer testimonials at Amazon.com.

4- iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

As per our personal recommendation iSonic F3900 is one of the best machines for getting your retainers and braces cleaned at home.

According to the consumer reviews available online, iSonic Inc. is a popular brand which is known for manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners for residential as well as commercial usage. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

The table-top ultrasonic machines manufactured by them uses sound waves which penetrates through cavities and crevices for removing the particulates.

The tank of this compact iSonic F3900 machine is made up of stainless steel which can be easily removed for convenient filling, emptying and cleaning purposes. The perforated plastic tray (included with the machine) rests inside the tank where the objects to be cleaned are placed.

On a touch of a button you can start this ultrasonic cleaner for dental retainers and within five minutes of operation all the appliances and objects placed in the machine are cleaned automatically. The machine operates on 100-120 V which makes it convenient for home usage for cleaning invisalign retainers.

You can check more details and pricing details of the machine here at Amazon.com. We are sure that the amazing reviews and testimonials provided by the real customers (who actually sued the machine) will impress you and help you make the buying decision.

5- Cleansing Wipes and Towelettes for Retainers and Dental Appliance

This is one basic method to clean your dirty or smelly dental appliances, braces and retainers. These microtextured towelettes or wipes are very easy to use and carry. You can use them whenever you want for killing the odour causing germs, bacteria, plaque or stains.

If you are the person who don’t like machines for cleaning your dental appliances or if you just want to avoid all those hassles and mess caused by using the techy machines, then this portable and easy-to-use wipe are just made for you.

You can give your appliances the exciting natural mint freshness within just few seconds without the need of rinsing the appliances after the clean-up.

The best part of using these wipes is its portability to use. You can carry them in your wallet, pocket or into your backpack or a purse for using at a go. You even don’t impose any risk of getting your appliance scratched or discoloured when you use these wipes.

3-month supply of 100 Ct bulk bag is available at Amazon at an affordable price. You may check them here to buy one for cleaning your dental appliance or retainers.