How to Relieve Back and Neck Pain During Pregnancy?

While you are in your maternity days it is never said beforehand that the changes it will bring to your body along with an out of earthly happiness.

When you are expecting a child, the body undergoes hormonal changes, the flow of estrogen and progesterone are at their peak.

It causes an increase in your body weight. Increased body weight causes a deviation from the regular posture resulting in pregnancy neck and back pain.

Also loosening of ligaments due to progesterone makes it more stable.

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Fighting Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

If you are in your early days and going through severe back pain during early pregnancy then be happy to know that this problem is shared by a lot other women who are expecting a child.

And it is good to know that it can be treated and curable.

The main factor causing the pain is that your child is growing. What can be better news than this?

Now, pregnancy causes your pelvis to meet your spine, at the particular joint which is called the sacroiliac joint. These are all medical terms, but all you need to know is that you can come through this pain well.

Ways to tackle back pain

The key to fighting severe back pain during early pregnancy is practicing a good posture from beforehand. Pain is meant to depress you and make you feel low, but all you need is a determination to overcome it.

Keep in mind to practice this posture since day 1; stand up straight and head high, hold your chest up, keep shoulders back and straight, keep your knees apart. Get the right pair of shoes to support your body.

Maternity belts are also available in the market to support your system, wear them only if you are getting enough help from them.

Lifting objects from the ground should be done within the limit. Heavy objects should be avoided. Bending on your back or stressing on your waist may prove to be harmful. So, it is better to get some help.

Finally, a good massage from your spouse or an authentic massage center will relax your back muscle a lot. And relieve your stress. Acupuncture or chiropractic treatments after consulting a doctor can also be considered if the pain is unbearable.

What not to do

Things you should not do for back pain during early pregnancy and also for your child’s good health should be the main thought concerning you.

All the bad habits you have like smoking, taking alcohol and the likelihood is to be stopped once and for a while.

Any stress in your official life or personal life should not be bugging you. If you are keen on gardening then for a while don’t get near pesticides or artificial bug killers.

In this stage, it is possible to have headaches a bit more frequently but don’t take aspirin or painkiller, instead try massage for getting relaxed.

All in all, avoid any kind of negativity.

So, by the end of this, you get to know that fighting back pain during early pregnancy is not at all that difficult. If you have a positive attitude towards facing your problems, then it won’t be too difficult to face this minor issue.

The joy of being able to give a new life will surely overpower this glitch. Make sure these early days to a fruitful future create a memory that you won’t ever regret having.

Ways to Get Relief from Neck Pain Caused Due to Pregnancy

You normally feel neck pain when your body starts to bloat. That is when your baby becomes bigger and your belly comes out, near about the mid of the fifth month or after the completion of 20 weeks.

Sometimes, it depends on your body structure. If you are well built then you will feel the pain a bit later than people who are petite. So, this pregnancy neck pain is about to happen to you no matter what, it is quite normal.

Now it is up to you to follow the prevention measures and take the necessary steps to have healthy 9 months.

Getting relief from the neck pain

Considering basic neck exercises like putting your chin down for 10 minutes then again pushing your head back for 10 minutes and likely helps.

And it should be remembered that you should not pay heed to random tips for getting relief from this pain unless it is coming from some expert.

So, these few simple tricks can really help you get a sound sleep at night releasing your neck pain and pregnancy tension. Stressing over this won’t help you. Taking life positively and facing challenges during this time period with a smile will help you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Being pregnant is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature to any woman, so just make sure that you enjoy every moment of it.