Astragalus Root Tea: Benefits And Dosage

Astragalus root is an herb which is used to make medicines especially by the Chinese doctors. The herbal plant of astrgalus grows almost 2 ft. tall and it likes the alkaline sandy soil. It is the herb that is grown in the withstand temperature.

Although it has many advantages there are only few people who know about the herb named Astragalus. 

However due to growing popularity and usage of herbal products more and more people today prefer to use it in their day to day diet for healing health.

The herb has almost 3,000 species. From thousands of years, Chinese doctors are using this medicine to support and protect the immune system, respiratory infection and prevent colds.

Some of the most best advantages of medicines made by this herb are:

  • It is effective for diabetes
  • It helps in reducing weight
  • It plays a major role in protecting the liver
  • It helps to destroy the viruses in the body
  • It reduces plaque from the arteries
  • It helps to lower down the blood pressure
  • It can also prevent the shortening of the telomeres
  • Even many Chinese hospitals give these medicines to recover from the chemotherapy

This medicine can expand the lifespan of a person. People can consume it in the form of capsules that are available in the market. People can also make their own tincture after mixing 3 roots with vodka.

Few people also use the roots directly after boiling it for some time. Some of them also mix astragalus root in the tea.

Astragalus Root Tea Benefits

Astragalus Root Tea is widely popular and is today available online. It has a very sweet and warming flavor and is one of the most effective for treating many health conditions. Some of the best benefits of drinking Astragalus Root Tea are:

The herbal tea made of Astragalus Root effects the spleen and lung channels very fast and for this reason it is used to cure the lung problems. As the herb is effective in reducing excess weight people also use this herb tea for weight loss.

The astragalus herbal tea is also very effective for lingering cough, spleen deficiency, and stomach problems. It has the antioxidant properties which helps in protecting many organs like heart from any damages.

Generally, doctors suggest taking this medicine before sleeping at night. It is the ideal time as per the Chinese doctors. However the dosage should be limited and should be taken after consulting with a doctor.

Sources reveal that the most effective and best amount is 15 grams that a person can take safely daily. And it must not be increased by anyone to avoid any side effects.