An Amazing New Paleo BBQ Sauce By Mastodon

Mastodon is a new BBQ sauce manufactured by KC Natural, a company based in Kansas City that specializes in food products for people with dietary restrictions.

It is a sauce made for those who desire a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. It is now being launched at Kickstarter.


Mastodon bbq sauce is made with a healthy touch without compromising the authentic taste of a BBQ sauce.

The recipe was developed in the kitchen using ingredients that can be found at any local grocery store.

Its most striking attribute is the lack of night shades i.e. tomatoes or spices derived from peppers. This sets it apart from other sauces which are mainly pepper-based.

The rusty colored sauce is made from all-natural ingredients blended together to create an authentically delicious Kansas City BBQ experience.

The BBQ sauce’s main ingredient is carrots which give the sauce its base flavor. They were used instead of tomatoes. Other non-spicy ingredients are lemon, garlic, and apple cider vinegar.

Sweeteners and spices blend perfectly to give the sauce a sweet and spicy taste. Maple syrup and molasses give the BBQ sauce a sweet taste, which balances perfectly with the all-natural mesquite-smoked water.

This sauce gets the spicy kick from onion powder, garlic powder, and horseradish root without overwhelming its general flavor.

This Kickstarter BBQ sauce has no artificial products, which is a good thing. It is made from all-natural gluten-free ingredients.

Which means that you can use it even for preparing gluten free snacks. In these snacks, you will notice the absence of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, MSG, or other unnecessary additives.

The sauce is perfect with traditional BBQ dishes, stir fry, veggies, and tofu. Some more adventurous people have used it on salads with very promising results.

The spices settle at the bottom and you need to give the bottle a few good shakes to mix them up before each use. Mastodon BBQ sauce paves the path to healthier eating and living. Try it out.