5 Simple Tips to Avoid Acid Reflux during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and acid reflux goes hand in hand because a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy.

Being pregnant is the most exciting moment in any woman’s life and health problems due to acid reflux can make pregnancy difficult to enjoy.

Acid Reflux during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones change a lot, and in the current circumstances, a woman develops more acid in her stomach.

Since, pregnant women eat more, prior to their pregnancy days, it starts developing more hormone imbalance.

The combination of these hormones results in producing more acid. It is seen that more than 30% of females deal with heartburn every day during their pregnancy.

This makes it tough for them to concentrate on their daily routine and finds it difficult to get enough sleep.

When the pregnancy progresses women experience an increase in various acid reflux signs and problems caused due to it.

This is because the belly is growing bigger and that additional pressure placed on the abdominal area leads to acid moving further to the esophagus region.

Here are tips for women to avoid the problem.

1- Take Small Meals: 

Rather than eating too much for 2 or 3 times a day, try eating small meals at regular intervals.

Your body can digest smaller intakes in an easy manner to that of larger ones which makes your stomach feel heavy.

2- Drink More Water: 

Water is an aiding liquid for all medical conditions.

Consuming more water can reduce your heartburn and other acid reflux problems; the reason it keeps you hydrated and keeps your heartburn at bay.

3- No Late-Night Eating: 

Eating late at night is one of the major reasons to develop the intensity of acid reflux.

Avoid doing so, as it is not healthy especially during pregnancy because your body requires at least two hours of digesting power before you go to sleep.

4- More Liquids and Fruits: 

Different fruit juices and fruits serve the best purpose in keeping your acid reflux at bay.

Since eating them has been always healthy for you and your baby’s health it benefits either way around.

5- Try Sleeping Left Side:

 Your medical practitioner will always suggest you lie down on your left side because it leads to the reduction of acid in the belly.

This overall results in reducing the potential of developing acid reflux.

Follow these simple tips which will surely help you during your pregnancy and acid reflux.

In severe cases let your health practitioner handle your problem because it is important to know that this time there is a baby to take care of.