7 Exciting Tips to Help You Live Longer Happier and Healthier Life

It is said that health is the groundwork of all happiness. Life and good health are gifts that should not be taken for granted.

Not only does good health habits such as eating a balanced diet or keeping fit by exercising on a daily basis help prolong life and prevent the aging process but other factors such as being at peace with the mind, body and soul also play a crucial role in living a long, happy and healthy life.

Healthier LifeA number of practices that help in achieving this include:

  1. Developing a sense of purpose and direction

Those who have lived for years attribute it to something that motivated them to live on for so long. Be it being passionate about something that they love so much such as a loved one or family, or for such reasons as to motivate or inspire others or even give back to the community.

As long as one has a reason for living, you will keep on doing it until you are sure that you have done and achieved all that you purposed to do in life.

  1. Complying with society norms

The other way of playing a role in prolonging your life to steer clear of running into problems that can be avoided by simply complying with society norms such traffic rules and regulations, personal relationship coaches tips to avoid violent people or being part of such a relationship. One wrong move or step could be the end of you.

  1. Exercising and stimulating your brain

Another way of playing a role in prolonging life is by exercising and stimulating your brain by trying out puzzles, both complex and simple as well as learning a new language or reading books or articles or novels or just trying out something new, creative and productive.

Challenging the brain keeps you from losing it if put in good use and by keeping it active, you will not be prone to diseases. Exercising regularly is necessary for everyone if you want to live longer. It not only increases stamina and strengthen muscles but it also strengthens bones as well

  1. Drinking plenty of water

This keeps you not only rejuvenated but also hydrated and healthy. The benefits of drinking clean water are immense, from helping kidneys to flash out toxins and cleanse our bodies to making your skin look very good. It also helps to energize your muscles especially when exercising.

It is advisable to take in plenty of fluids way ahead of your workout schedule to replenish what will be lost from sweat during exercise. Water also helps to prevent constipation by maintaining normal bowel function.

  1. Eating healthy and balanced meals

One needs no emphasis on what a vital role this plays in keeping diseases at bay. A balanced diet with more servings of fruits, vegetables and whole meal is highly recommended. Some fruits like berries are said to be cancer fighters.

  1. Increasing the intake of antioxidants

Increase the intake of antioxidants and other nutritional supplements. Experts and nutritionists recommend the use of food supplements. The benefits include; improved health, vitality and prolonged life. They substitute what we do not usually take when we are supposed to.

  1. Taking some rest

Getting enough sleep and rest is equally important. It not only relaxes and eases stress but it also makes you peaceful and less angry and moody. The standard hours of recommended sleep ranges from six to eight hours for your physical wellbeing and prolonged existence.

Taking a break from a hectic work schedule also helps in reducing exhaustion and aging by taking time out to rediscover you and explore new places by travelling to exotic locations. Trying out something new away from the norm leaves you inspired, refreshed and motivated.

Further having some sense of spirituality and spiritual peace reduces stress according to studies. Religion is the source of this inner peace, which is said to be the basis of one’s happiness and longevity.

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