4 Hidden Benefits of The Blue Lotus Herb

Today there are numerous herbal remedies available to help you achieve better health and a stronger sense of well being.

Some of these help to manage chronic pain, provide a deeper sense of enlightenment, or simply alleviate some of those aches and pains that come along with getting older.

Blue lotus – also known as Nymphaea caerulea – is one of the most commonly used herbs available today.

And it’s no wonder. This herbal remedy has been used since ancient times to manage number of different health symptoms and to help users feel better.


Blue Lotus Herb

Blue Lotus Health Benefits

Today most people prefer a more natural solution for their health than as compared to other traditional medicines. And for this reason herbs such as blue lotus flower extract is gaining much popularity.

Here are four hidden benefits of this popular herbal supplement (blue Egyptian lotus) you should know about.

1- Improved Spiritual Awareness

Those who take blue lotus supplements (available in the form of seeds, essential oil, tea, powder and extract pills) regularly report that they feel a heightened sense of awareness. This unique supplement makes people more aware of their emotions, and more connected to their spiritual side.

Blue lotus plant extract also helps to manage common ailments like stress and anxiety. And those struggling with depression also report that they feel an improved sense of well being when they take blue lotus herbal supplements regularly.

2- Chronic Pain Relief

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Consider incorporating the blue lotus herb into your daily herbal regimen. The Ancient Egyptians discovered its pain relieving properties, and for this reason blue lotus drug has been used ever since to help manage the symptoms of various ailments.

In modern times, it has been used to alleviate the pain associated with serious illnesses such as arthritis and cancer. In addition to tea and powders, blue lotus is also found in tincture form. Those who want to take the supplement can add the desired amount to their morning coffee or tea to help manage their pain and feel better.

3- Sharper Mind And Memory

Have you noticed lately that you’re not remembering things as well as you used to? Blue lotus flower can help a lot to you. Not only do users report a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, they also experience improved memory as well.

Blue lotus herb helps promote a healthier circulatory system, which means that blood flows through the body more easily. The sharper mind and memory is a result of the increased circulation to the brain. Blue lotus thus helps expedite the process of forming memories.

4- Heightened Sexual Side Effects

Perhaps the most common of blue lotus effects is heightened sexual experiences. If you’re interested in turning up the heat in the bedroom, this herb may be a good one to add to your daily regimen.

In fact, the herb has even been called a natural Viagra, and the best part is that it works equally for both men and women. Health experts suspect that the increased sexual pleasure is a result of the improved circulation we mentioned previously, as well as the deeper emotional awareness.

Blue Lotus Flower Tea Review

Blue lotus flower is a wonderful herb to add to your daily regimen.

If you’re interested in improving your spiritual awareness and memory, alleviating your pain, and experiencing heightened sexual pleasure, this ancient remedy could be the perfect solution for you.

Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai is my best favorite and hopefully you will love it too.

Made up of best organic spices this nymphaea caerulea tea offers its deep and truly authentic flavor to many families daily. The blue lotus tea recipe is great and it is amazingly easy to prepare. One of the most beneficial part of blue lotus flower tea is it requires no steeping.

Also it is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives and requires no sweeteners, fillers, additives, milk powder or hydrogenated oils for preparation.

This great value masala chai is available in a tin container (with bamboo serving scoop included) in which you can get 100 servings per tin.

Besides the traditional taste it is also available as Golden Chai which features Superfoods Tumeric & Maca. Its completely gluten free and vegan. Rooibos masala chai which is naturally caffeine free is also available and can be tried out.

I request you to give blue lotus flower tea – Masala Chai Collection of Six Varieties a try today. You’ll be amazed with the results you get with this.

This blue lotus tea for sale is a most economical and delicious way to try all 6 of our masala chai varieties. In this each stand-up pouch can make about 17 cups of scrumptious chai.

How To Make Blue Lotus Tea?

Blue Lotus Tea or Masala Chai is very easy. For preparing an 8 oz. cup you need to boil 4 oz. fresh water. Then add one rounded scoop or ¼ teaspoon of Blue Lotus Chai blend. Stir this and add 4 oz. of the milk of your choice. Heat it and your chai is ready to serve.

In case you need more spiciness you can add the chai blend as desired. Many people who do not like the spiciness of the chai can also add sweetener such as sugar, agave syrup, honey, etc.

Just experiment and try to have it your way of perfect cup for a lively refreshing change.

Is Blue Lotus Safe?

Although the herb provides range of benefits, blue lotus side effects are sometimes seen in many people.

But not to worry, these side effects are mild and most of the times not harmful for the people. Effects such as hot flashes and mild jittery and nausea are most common, especially when taken in large dosage.

Blue lotus dosage should be thus controlled and should be taken after the consultation of your doctor. Experts also recommend not to consume the herb in any form if you are taking other drugs for your health conditions.

When it comes to legality of Nymphaea Caerulea, it should be noted that it’s not an approved and controlled substance in US. Although the cultivation, sale and purchase of blue lotus flower is legal here, it is not to be sold for human consumption.

Herb in the form of weaker teas, incense, resin and extract pills are however available for providing the health benefits to the users.