Chronic Fatigue Disease Can Be Dangerous: Do Not Overlook

Chronic fatigue disease or syndrome makes a person chronically exhausted and fatigued; this condition lasts for almost six months and even more.

Patients suffering from this syndrome experience tiredness in spite of having had rested for a long period. Chronic fatigue disease leads to depression as well and is a complex disorder as it may be associated with some previous infection.


Severe fatigue that is not relieved by rest is the main symptom of this syndrome. Recurring sore throat, muscle pain, multi joint pain, persisting headaches are other common symptoms.

If the above said symptoms of chronic fatigue disease occur for more than six months, it is diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. These symptoms can vary from person to person and it is difficult to pin point.

As per the current research, chronic fatigue disease appears to be a disease that stands on its own rather than a condition related to other diseases. Although, its actual cause is unknown, it is obvious that it is caused by mechanism of central nervous system and the immune system.

There is no known cause or test to detect chronic fatigue syndrome. The diagnosis will be based on certain symptoms. Since chronic fatigue disease has some specific symptoms, it is easier to detect provided the patient is aware that such an illness exists.

Mostly, this fatigue starts due to any illness or infection and goes on even after the disease. Cognitive problems are one of the main symptoms of chronic fatigue disease. Short term memory also gets affected where patients with this syndrome are unable to remember certain words in normal speech. Catching this syndrome at an early stage can be advantageous.

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Postexertion fatigue occurs when chronic fatigue syndrome begins. People get exhausted more even for doing simple tasks. Chronic fatigue disease results in depression owing to their inability to perform even most basic tasks at work and at home.

Despite the fact that there is no permanent cure for this disease; treatments can lessen the feelings of tiredness to a large extent.

Treatment for this disease focuses on learning to adjust one’s lifestyle. Medications, physical and occupational therapies are also prescribed. Alternative therapies like acupuncture can also prove helpful in certain cases. Exercise and active lifestyle can help the chronic fatigue disease and keep it at bay to a certain extent.

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